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About Channon TV
Where Life, Travel & Laughter Mingle. Living the life you want isn’t anything, it’s EVERYTHING and Channon TV is all about showing and sharing, through creative content, just how to live the life you desire most. Get Life Lessons from our in house “therapist” Dr. Cha Cha so you too can learn how to “love yo life, just a little bit betta,” get caught up in how traveling the world makes for a vibrant & fulfilling life with Channon’s Travels where “Traveling is all about the Journey, the Destination is just Dessert,” or simply Laugh your way into our sketch comedy with characters like Wayne SheMan, and YES, of course, we’ve got kitten content too!
About Channon Dade
A Stanford University Grad, Communication Major, Native Texan, Worldwide Traveler, previous YMCA Marketing/Sales Director, Academic Advisor, Spokesperson, Host & Live Emcee, Content Producer, Writer & Actress from Stage Plays and Commercials to Television and Movies (to name a few).....equating to over 20 plus years of experience, just might make her a perfectly natural fit in the world of entertainment & entrepreneurship!


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